Adobe Photoshop CS3 Update 10.0.1

Enhances the overall responsiveness of the software and makes the entire software program more stable

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Update 10.0.1
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Update 2014

This Adobe Photoshop CS3 Update is an official patch from the developers that will make the program run more stably and keep the software from crashing on your computer. Though some people think that Photoshop is a professional program that only photographers and graphic designers use, it's also popular with college students and those who love taking pictures.

Photoshop is a great program from Adobe that lets you edit the photos that you take. Once you learn how to use all the included tools, you can remove the red eye caused by harsh lights and flashes, change the saturation in those images and even add different graphics and designs to your pictures. Even if you paid for an official version of this software though, you may find that it runs slower than you would like and that it crashes.

Those are two of the common problems that this patch will fix. Adobe developers designed this patch after hearing complaints from users. If you have a large number of programs on your computer and limited space on your hard drive, your program can crash because it does not have the resources that it needs to run. Instead of deleting files and clearing out your hard drive, you can load and use this patch to see if it fixes the problem.

It takes just a few minutes to download this patch. You then have the chance to either load the patch right away or save it on your hard drive and use it later. Once you open it, the patch will automatically apply itself to the software suite and fix the errors that make Photoshop run slowly and crash for no reason. The next time that you load the program, you should notice a pop up message that says you now have Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. This extended version does not add to the tools or features that you can use but may make your computer run faster.

Though this is an official patch, it may not fix all the specific problems that you experience. You'll need to keep your eyes out for any future updates that the developers release to fix future issues that users report. It will only work if you have a current and licensed version of Photoshop CS3 installed on your computer. To apply the patch, you'll also need to temporarily turn off any anti-virus software. If you have Adobe Photoshop and are tired of the program crashing and how slowly it loads or saves files, you can download this official patch and eliminate some of those problems quickly and easily.


  • Keeps Photoshop from running slowly or sluggishly
  • Prevents the common crashes that many users experience
  • Easy to load and install
  • Increases the stability of the program


  • May not fix all the issues that you experience
  • Need to keep an eye out for any future patches and/or updates

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a graphics editing program originally released in 2007. With Photoshop, the user can create graphics, adjust or manipulate photos and color line art. Adobe Photoshop is the world's leading graphics program and is considered a necessity for anyone interested in computer graphic design work.

Photoshop CS3 has a slew of improvements and adjustments that have led to a more effective experience. The update provides stability and fixes some issues with random crashes.

Advancements in the Bridge CS3 program allows users to better compare photo collections to more easily compare images to find the ones that stand out.

CS3 makes adjustments to the ever-popular Clone tool. The Clone tool allows the user to virtually paint pieces of one image elsewhere in the same image or on an entirely different image. The Clone Tool palette is introduced, which gives the user options to adjust and refine the clone brush.

Refine Edges is an entirely new dialogue box introduced in CS3. Refine Edges allows the user to preview how a selection will look when placed over different-colored backgrounds. The edges of the selected image can be refined and adjusted, so that it blends more seamlessly with the rest of the image and doesn't look "fake" or out of place.

Quick Select is a very popular addition in CS3. Instead of manually tracing areas to cut out or adjust an image or shape, the user can click on a portion, and the program will select similar-colored shapes. There is a certain amount of adjustment involved, but it is a much quicker method of selecting pixels.

CS3 at last allows users to turn a color photo into black and white in a direct manner. There are settings that allow the user to adjust the intensity. This is a feature long-requested by those using the program for photography work.

Auto Align is a new feature in CS3. This function allows a user to take two similar images and overlap them. Two photos of a family taken in succession can be connected, and the user can pick which facial expression to use from each and seamlessly blend them into one optimized image.

Smart Filters are another popular addition. Before CS3, filters caused a permanent change to a layer. Smart filters allow the user to go back and change the filter's settings, saving a lot of hassle.

Adobe put in improvements that appeal to designers, photographers and enthusiasts. The update clears up a few annoying glitches and makes the CS3 experience complete. The download is pretty quick and the update is relatively hassle-free. The update is worth it for the crash fix alone.


- The update will help avoid crashes that can erase hours of hard work.

- The Print menu is improved

- Management of layers is optimized


- The program requires a lot of free disk space

- You will need to disable your antivirus when you install the update, which can be a pain.

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